The Bookcase Reimagined.

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The vision: A revival of the classic bookcase. Proudly made in Germany.


One should never have to sacrifice durability for beauty. Our philosophy is built into every piece we make.

The LoculaMENTUM unveils a design that draws the eye to a clean, minimalist line and offers the collector immense room for storage and presentation. Bold lines of American Walnut and the elegance of white matte lacquer are a statement in front of every wall. Deliberate angles offer complex geometric forms from different perspectives.

Traditional craftsmanship and modern materials collide in aesthetically pleasing minimalism.

Michael Schlütter, Founder & Designer

Michael Schlütter, Founder & Designer


The Concept.

The LoculaMENTUM bookcase was designed to meld traditional bookcase appearance with a modern interpretation and a twist. This twist allows for books or other collectible items to be artfully arranged, categorized, presented.

Diagonal compartments are the spine of the bookcase, so there is a progression of shapes: from the bottom to the top, creating an uplifting feel that has maximum storage capabilities. This is true to the Bauhaus principle, which denotes “form follows function”. In our bookcase design, warm traditional veneers paired with a modern finish and a versatile compartment proportioning make this piece of furniture one with the space.

Beveled edges, visible from every notion, add a distinctive unique touch to the bookcase. A design element that is consistently used in our projects, which translates into sleek streamlined furniture designs.


The Features.

- Handcrafted in Germany
- Dimensions: 2150 mm (H) x 1400 mm (B) x 440 mm (T)
- Frame thickness: 60 mm
- Materials:  American Walnut Veneer (more veneers available upon request) MDF 25 mm, matte white lacquer
- Each bookcase is unique due to knots and woodgrain variation
- 15 compartments for ample storage on 4 fixed white shelves
- Beveled edges of frame, shelves and divider elements
- Adjustable feet
- United States Design Patent


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